Powder Coating

Tough, durable, lasting coating for metals. Excellent hardness and abrasion / impact resistance gives improved product performance over most liquid coatings.

Coatings can be easily formulated for specific applications such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, the ability to survive in highly corrosive environments, flexibility to allow forming after coating, or high durability and resistance to chipping.


Typical Powder Coatings Available

Epoxy – Excellent corrosion resistance, toughness, adhesion and hardness. Poor weatherability. Can be formulated to be FDA compliant for food contact applications. Decorative or functional coatings available.

Epoxy/Polyester Hybrid – Less susceptible to yellowing when cured. Exhibits similar properties to standard epoxy coatings. Poor weatherability makes this unsuitable for outdoor use.

Polyester/Urethane – Smooth, thin film with excellent mar and chip resistance and good weatherability. These coatings are generally resistant to diluted acids, hydrocarbons and grease and oil.

Polyester/TGIC – Excellent weatherability with excellent mar, chip and corrosion resistance. Excellent edge coverage.

Thermoplastic Powder Coatings – Vinyls and PVC powder coatings have a soft feel with good resistance to detergents. Good weatherability allows these coatings to be used in outdoor applications.