E-Coating (Electrocoating)

Uniform coating thickness throughout the part.

Complex shapes can be coated evenly for applications that require coating uniformity across the part.

Thinner coating thickness compared with powder helps applications where tolerances may be a concern.

Electrocoat system provides total coverage of the part which may allow some preassembly of components prior to coating.

This minimizes the chance of damaging painted parts during the assembly process.Improved product appearance as drips and sags are eliminated.

Less operator influence leads to increased consistency in appearance and quality of the parts.

Excellent corrosion resistance when coupled with proper pretreatment system aids in meeting tough corrosion testing. Can be used as a primer with powder topcoat for improved coating performance.

Typical E-coating Materials Available

Cathodic Epoxy – Defines the benchmark for corrosion resistance and throwpower. Consistent film builds over complex parts is achievable with these materials. Typically the process used when corrosion resistance must be maximized. Due to its superior advantages, this is the only e-coating method PCSI currently uses. Other forms of e-coating we do not offer include anodic epoxy, cathodic acrylic and anodic acrylic.

Black is the industry standard color for e-coating. If you need a part e-coated in a different color, we can powder coat over an e-coat base.