Powder Coating Services, Inc

Full Service Metal Finisher

Powder Coating Services is one of the largest independent full service suppliers of specialized metal finishing, electrocoating (E-Coat), powder coating, liquid painting, sandblasting/stripping, 3PL and value added assembly in the South East. We have served commercial and military customers with the best combination of services, technical expertise, turnaround and processes available. Powder Coating Services is a one-stop-shop for all of your surface finishing needs including pickup and delivery service Monday through Friday in the Carolinas.

PCSI is the preferred choice for a growing number of OEMs and other manufacturers in the Carolinas and neighboring states. Our location just off Interstate 85 in Gastonia, NC, provides quick access for shipments, and our customers know they can rely on us to be an “invisible” partner in their manufacturing process.


We provide three different types of coatings, and it’s important to understand the advantages of each:


(e-coat) is applied through an immersion bath.

Uniform coating thickness throughout the part. Complex shapes can be coated evenly for applications that require coating uniformity across the part.

Powder coating:

is sprayed on in a variety of colors.

Tough, durable, lasting coating for metals. Excellent hardness and abrasion / impact resistance gives improved product performance over most liquid coatings.

Liquid Coating

Liquid paint is applied at much lower temperatures than traditional powder coating.

Liquid coating can be formulated for use as a primer with special corrosion inhibiting additives. Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to obtain the advantages of a professional liquid coating application.


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