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Helping You Define Specifications And Requirements


031The most important step in having product coated is to define the performance requirements and expectations of the finished product.

Numerous coating processes are available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Numerous powder coating materials are also readily available that may or may not perform to your expectations. Similarly, there are a number of different e-coat options to consider, each with its own performance characteristics.

Cleaning and pretreatment of the parts are critical to the performance of the finished product, particularly with corrosion resistance. Many different chemicals and methods of cleaning can be used. Inferior methods are likely to cause coating problems in the long term.

PCSI’s sales group will work with you to define your expectations of the finished product prior to starting the work. A performance driven approach will be used to define your expectations of the product in terms of appearance, coating performance requirements, post-coating processes such as forming or printing, and any other characteristics. From this information the correct coating method and materials can be defined in a product specification.